Water Heater Leaking in Charlotte, NC

Have you noticed wet spots and mildew forming in your home? In most cases, these are sure signs that your water heater is leaking. Receive the right fix for your issue when you work with us at South End Plumbing, LLC in Charlotte, NC. Our team is here to help you when your hot water tank is leaking. Speak with us today to request more on our services for your location.

Dealing with a Leaking Water Heater

Many of us enjoy taking a warm and pleasant shower to start out the day. However, if you have a leaking water heater, you may turn on the faucet and find that only cold water is coming out of the tap. You may want to check other sinks and other faucets in your home to make sure that you aren’t dealing with a faulty faucet. If the water coming through is cold in every room, it is probably a problem with your water heater. Turn to us to diagnose your hot water system leaking and perform a full fix.

You can also check some other things to determine whether your water heater is having a problem. Gas water heaters might give off a strong rotten egg odor when the aluminum rod is going out. Another sign of a problem is to turn on faucets in various rooms of the home and watch for sudden bursts or sputtering water, which means that the pressure is varying. You can also check near the bottom of the water heater and the floor, since any wet spots or mildew are both signs of a leaking water heater.

If the problem isn’t too severe, we may be able to repair your water heater. This can be a slightly more economical option. When our team comes into your home, we will diagnose the cause of the issue, and then give you repair or replacement options. Since newer water heaters are often more energy efficient than older models are, you may qualify for a federal tax rebate or credit when you install a new water heater. We offer a series of plumbing services, including leaking water heater repair, to properties throughout the area.

Contact us in Charlotte, North Carolina, to receive a full fix for your leaking water heater. We proudly offer services for customers located throughout the area.